The COVID States project has provided hands-on training for undergraduate and graduate students at four universities. It also served as the basis for a graduate course titled “Pandemic Policy and Public Opinion”.

This major public policy issues and challenges facing American democracy that have been placed in stark relief by the COVID-19 pandemic. The class material combined theory with applied insights from The COVID States Project. The pandemic was used as a case study for exploring important social issues related to politics, policy, and public opinion.Throughout the class, students were expected to critically review the theory, methodology, and findings of research examining key issues affecting Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic, including public trust, political polarization, socio-economic inequality, health policy and media.In Spring 2022, this course was taught simultaneously at three universities: Harvard University (led by Dr. Matthew Baum), Northeastern University (led by Dr. Jon Green), and Rutgers University (led by Dr. Katherine Ognyanova).

The Pandemic Policy and Public Opinion syllabus PDF is available for download here.